Precision Sequencing has expertise in all areas of next generation sequencing to support your experimental needs.

We aim to provide a portal to direct and support you throughout your sequencing project.

Andrew Biankin

Regius Professor of Surgery and Director of Translational Research Centre

Allison Jackson

Research and Development Manager at Glasgow Polyomics

Marian McNeil

Chief Operating Officer at Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre

Precision Sequencing comprises four partners that offer standard and bespoke sequencing solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Our partner sites are all located within the University of Glasgow and showcase the sequencing expertise that Glasgow has to offer.

This consortium was supported with funding from The University of Glasgow’s Knowledge Exchange Fund, and the Medical Research Council’s Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund.

Stratified Medicine Scotland – Innovation Centre

SMS-IC’s goals are to change the way that clinicians think about disease diagnosis, take a precision medicine approach to understanding each disease, and optimise patient treatment. SMS-IC is ideally located in the Queen Elizabeth  University Hospital in the Clinical Innovation Zone for direct access to clinicians, patients, industrial partners and researchers.

Glasgow Polyomics

Glasgow Polyomics is an ‘omics service provider specialising in next generation sequencing, metabolomics and proteomics. Based at Glasgow University’s Garscube Campus, Glasgow Polyomics also has a team of bioinformaticians and data analysts to ensure you get the most out of your data. Glasgow Polyomics can also assist you with any mass spectrometry requirements you may have.

Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory

GPOL is a high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics facility that focuses on oncology clinical trial support. As well as service provision for clinical trials the lab also develops bespoke diagnostic and prognostic assays and clinical-grade bioinformatics pipelines.

The Centre for Virus Research

The MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research was established in 2010 and represents the UK’s largest grouping of human veterinary virologists. The centre carries out research on viruses and viral diseases, translating the knowledge gained for the improvement of health and benefit of society. The CVR collaborates with partners for sequencing projects.

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