At Precision Sequencing we provide bespoke support that can be tailored to your project requirements.

We can assist at any stage of your project workflow; from DNA/RNA extractions and sample clean up to library prep, sequencing and analysis.  Our quality control testing ensures we never sequence poor quality samples.


We offer a range of extraction methods which can be customised to your requirements.  DNA / RNA can be purified from standard or unusual biological material including clinical samples such as blood or FFPE preparations.

Library Preparation

Here at Precision Sequencing we offer a wide range of library preparation kits including DNA library prep for whole genome sequencing, PolyA selection, ribosomal depletion, miRNA and small RNA library prep, 16S and targeted amplicon sequencing.

Quality Control

We only sequence samples that have passed our quality control assessment. Every sample we receive, or extract, is quality controlled prior to, and following sequencing.  This ensures optimal results.

Single Cell Sequencing

Our suit of instruments includes the 10X chromium.  We offer single-cell library preparation for RNA sequencing. On receipt of your single cell suspensions our team will count and quality control your cells for downstream processing.

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