Our next generation sequencers provide the perfect platform to conduct a range of projects.

Each sample sequenced will be returned as an individual raw data file, or a bioinformatic and data analysis report can be created by our team depending on your needs.


Our team has expertise in a number of sequencing techniques including whole genome or exome sequencing, bacterial 16S analysis, metagenomics, CHIPseq and novel genome assembly. Projects run at Precision Sequencing rely on high-quality short-fragmented DNA library preparations being sequenced to generate a read. Each read represents a piece of DNA and as such can be correlated to a reference DNA database to identify the role of that read in the model system.


Transcriptomics, or RNAseq, aims to identify the RNA profile of a sample of mixed or purified cells. Our team has expertise in standard RNAseq, single cell RNAseq, targeted RNAseq and RIT sequencing as well as using low RNA quantity samples. This can provide information as to how the cells are responding to changes and which genes are being activated, or may play an essential role in cellular functions. Single Cell RNAseq builds on standard RNAseq by identifying and quantifying the RNA present in a population of homogenous or heterogenous single cells. This complex data set can be used to identify novel changes within cell populations at a depth which was previously unobtainable.

Targeted Amplicon Sequencing

Targeted Amplicon Sequencing relies on the sequencing of a single PCR amplicon. This is especially useful in bacterial 16S analysis where the variable region of the bacterial 16S gene is amplified in a sample and each amplicon is sequenced. This data is compared to reference 16S databases and used to identify each amplicon as a bacterial species which builds a view of the composition of bacteria present in any sample. This technology can also be applied to cancer genomics as particular regions of the cancer genome can be sequenced to identify disease inducing mutations.

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